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• G.Kalpana and Rajendran presented a paper titled ” Collision free navigation of Mobile Robot using Artificial Intelligence” in the National Conference on NCCCED’13 on 5th April at ARM College of Engineering and Technology

• G.Kalpana and Rajendran presented a paper titled ”Characterization of Under Water Ambient Noise and Study of De-Noising Techniques for Oceano Graphic Applications” in the National Conference on Emerging trends in VLSI Embedded and Nano Technologies on 27thand 28th June at Sathyabama University


• Inauguration of ISA – INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF AUTOMATION Jeppiaar Engineering College Student Section on March 8th 2013.
• National Level workshop on “FUNDAMENTALS AND RESEARCH APPLICATIONS OF VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION USING LABVIEW” organized by ISA on 18th and 19th July 2013
• JUMP and BEST MANAGER event organized by ISA for the students of Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, on 31st AUGUST 2013
• Faculty Development Programme on “Advanced Industrial Automation & Machine Vision using LabVIEW” on 26th and 27th Sept 2013


   The Students are encouraged for doing research projects in government and non government organization. The staff and students also focuses in research activities in the areas of Biomedical Image Processing, Signal Processing in underwater acoustics, Power factor corrections, Z source Inverters, Low power VLSI, Measurement and Control in Instrumentation.