To motivate students in learning through quality instruction and collaborative communication Sharing individual skills, passions, differences and lives through the services and programs that are being provided in Student Development Program. Creating a living, learning, and working environment that encourages the students to reach their potential and discover their unique purpose. To build relationships among faculties from various disciplines, alumni, and the community that provides the foundation for advancing the knowledge of the profession.


   To meet the ever changing needs of the student community, by continually assessing and improving the programs and services to be conducted, and to cultivate partnerships, both inside and outside the college community.


   STUDENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM of JEPPIAAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE provides exorbitant knowledge for the development of the students from various disciplines under the dynamic leadership of our Director Ms.Regeena Jeppiaar.

   Jeppiaar Engineering College has developed and evolved STUDENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SDP) with the objective of bridging the gap between the academia and the corporate world. SDP is a group of ignited minds clustered together to provide regular inputs for the complete development of a student by making him / her to get prepared to face all the challenges laid down by the competition in the Corporate Industry. The critical skills are identified from the current global job market especially in ongoing Dynamic era of Technology that is needed to reach the peak. Jeppiaar Engineering College realizes and understands that a quality budding technocrat can envision the growth and development of the nation. Therefore, the inculcation of competitive skills among the students, and to develop their knowledge of understanding values and skills is required to produce quality Managers for the future.


Email: sdp@jeppiaarcollege.org