The Department of Chemistry with all its amenities and good infrastructure caters to the basic foundation course of B.E and B.Tech students. And the Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with specialization in various fields of chemistry with rich experience. At present, the Department consists of 9 teaching staff and 4 non-teaching staff. Of them 4 are Ph.D. scholars in various area of specialization in chemistry, and other staff members are pursuing their Doctoral degree. All Ph.D. scholars are acting as research Guides. Our faculty members have published many papers in refereed journals which pay to their credentials. The Awards received by the Department enlightens the teaching efficiency of the faculties.


   As a recognized Department of Anna University, the Department has a well established laboratory which can accommodate seventy students at a time. A good number of sophisticated instruments form a part of the chemistry laboratory. The Laboratory also provides the equipments and instrumental facilities to carry out the research in various disciplines of Chemistry.