The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation was established in 2008 with an intake of 60 students and increased to 120 in the year 2009. The students are imparted with the current Industrial standards to control and maintain all the industrial applications through Electronic Devices and dedicated software. The Department also equips the students with an awareness of various sensors, process parameters, controlling techniques that are the core of any successful industry.

   The Department has highly equipped Laboratories such as Electron Devices and Circuits Lab, Transducer and Measurement Lab Industrial Instrumentation Lab, Process Control Lab and Virtual Instrumentation Lab to impart quality Technical education. The Department provides computing facilities for both students and faculties with LabVIEW software (50 users) and interfacing NI DAQ Card (USB 6221, 9219). The Department has well experienced and dedicated faculty members specialized in Process Control, Medical Electronics, Power Electronics, Applied Electronics, VLSI design, Instrumentation Engineering.

   The Department library is enriched with numerous books, online IEEE journals, ISOI journals and subject oriented CDs as a part of Computer based tutorials for enrichment of students knowledge .The students have memberships on various professional society bodies like ISTE, ISA and IEEE which helps them enhancing their co-curricular activities.

   The students are motivated to pursue real time projects & research projects in various government organization and Industries. The graduates of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering have excellent job opportunities in Automation Industries, Petrochemical industries, Processing industries, Chemical industries, Food Processing Industry & Medical Electronics. Our Department students have excelled in their academics and have achieved Anna University Ranks and are placed in reputed companies.


   To excel in technical education and research in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering to attain International Standards.


M1: To Nurture creative, alert and adapt students in contriving scholarly project Structures and systems through continuous learning and advancement in the area of Electronics and Instrumentation.
M2: To Produce quality experts through innovative abilities to maintain active linkages with industries and research institutions.
M3: To Develop insightful environment to provoke enduring moral and responsible engineers for upgradation of the society.
M4: To Contribute towards betterment of the society through persistent studies and entrepreneurship by imparting practical and technical skills to graduates for better employability.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To prepare the students have successful career in industry and motivate for higher education.
PEO2; To provide strong foundation in basic science and mathematics necessary to formulate, solve and analyze Electronics and Instrumentation problems.
PEO3: To provide good knowledge of Instrumentation systems and basic electronics and their applications in Instrumentation engineering.
PEO4: To provide an opportunity to work in inter disciplinary groups and to promote student awareness for lifelong learning and inculcate professional ethics.
PEO5: To provide necessary foundation on computational platforms and software applications related to the respective field of engineering.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO 1: To understand the basic concepts in electrical and electronics engineering so as to apply them to various prominent domains like renewable resources, power electronics, electrical drives, embedded systems etc., in the analysis and synthesis of systems.
PSO 2: To solve complex electrical and electronics engineering problems, using effective software tools and hardware prototypes to obtain the optimal solution.
PSO 3: To streamline the students in the right path to achieve greater heights in their career and to enhance the social and environmental awareness about the effective utilization of the available resources to sustain the growth of human kind in the right direction.