Jeppiaar Engineering College is born out of dream to give quality technical education at an affordable cost. Our colleges, under the Jeppiaar group of Institutions, give only Excellent infrastructure and quality education. It is the most integrated multidisciplinary college, with excellent teaching learning environment. The overall ambience provides wide range of opportunities to exhibit the academic and extracurricular talents. With evolving global economy and rapid technological advancements, we have to equip our students in tune with advanced technical knowledge.

    We encourage students to build character through sports and other physical and spiritual development activities like Yoga which gives ample opportunities to hone their talents in cultural fields like dance and music. We believe in the complete development of our students and encourage them by providing the best of incentives and infrastructure. Students are nurtured with quality of ethics and technical knowledge t and to be responsible citizens. Our staffs are adequately equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study and co-curricular activities too.

    Our students are protected from external disturbances, thus ensuring that they get the maximum advantage of the best time in their lives to study and evolve. Parents too play an important role by helping us to educate students and we expect their full co-operation in bringing about a change for the better. The best possible atmosphere for academic growth is provided for the benefit of both the students and the parents who have placed their trust in us . The placement record and university ranks spoke volume about the academic standards that we maintain in our institution.